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JXD S7300

The JXD S7300 is a new powerful handheld available from Willgoo.com, one of our great advertising partners.  The S7300 features the following hardware specs:

Chip: Amlogic MX (Cortex A9 CPU, ARM mali400 GPU), Dual core, 1.5GHz
OS: Android 4.1
Internal Storage: 8GB
Games support: Millions of Android games, 9 kinds of Simulator games(PS1, N64, Arcade CP1/CP2/Neo-Geo, GBA, SFC, MD, FC), Game cloud
Games control: 5 point capacitive touch, Perfect button controls (Android buttons mapping, Visual control of 360 degree, Double LR buttons, Two sticks), G-sensor control
Color: Black, White
Screen: 7.0-inch (diagonal) LCD, 1024*600 pixel
Touch System: 5 point Capacitive Touch Screen
Size: Length: 9.50inches, Width: 4.77inches, Depth: 0.56inch
Network: 3 ways: Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), External connection to Ethernet and 3G
Sensor: 3 Axis Gravity Sensor
Buttons: Direction key, ABXY, Double LR buttons, Two sticks, Select, Start, Volumn, Reset, Power
Camera: 0.3M Front Camera

Check out our review of the S7300 tablet and read up on some of the great games that play on it:

Number of reviews: 24
Average Score:

88 Bingo (Casual/Table)
Amazing Spider-Man (License/3D Action)
Awesome Land (Retro/2D Side Scrolling)
Bakery Story (Time Management)
Bakery Story: Valentine’s Day (Time Management)
Beach Buggy Blitz (Kart Racing)
Bingo Beach (Casual/Table)
Bingo Blingo (Casual/Table)
Bingo Blitz (Casual/Table)
Bionfly (Retro/2D Side Scrolling)
Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty (2.5D Endless Runner)
Chip Chain (Puzzle)
Combo Crew (Touch Fighting) Review 88/100
Contra: Evolution (Side Scrolling Action/Shooter) Review 87/100
Crazy Fairies Beta (Worms Style Multiplayer)
Dark Knight Rises (License/3D Action)
Dead Trigger (First Person Shooter)
Deep Dungeons of Doom (Turn Based RPG) Review 87/100
Destiny Fantasia (Turn Based RPG) Review 84/100
Dig! (Qix/Retro/Arcade) Review 78/100
Dungelot (Roguelike Dungeon Crawler)
Dungelot Lite (Roguelike Dungeon Crawler)
Dungeon Hunter 4 (Hack and Slash/RPG) Review 89/100
Dungeon Quest (Overhead Action RPG)
Evertales (2.5D Action/Adventure) Review 82/100
Fairway Solitaire (Cards)
Fate of the Pharoah (Time Managment) Review 80/100
Gears & Guts (Zombies/Driving/Shooting)
Globulous (Retro/Tetrisphere/Puzzle) Review 85/100
Great Fusion, the (Adventure)
Gunslugs (Retro Side Scrolling Shooter)
Gunslugs Free (Retro Side Scrolling Shooter) Review 80/100
He-Man the Most Powerful Game (Side Scrolling Action/Adventure) Review 90/100
Hero Forge (3D Turn Based/Puzzle/Fighting/Online) Review 70/100
Heroes Call (Overhead Action RPG)
Hidden Object: Mystery Estate (Hidden Object) Review 87/100
Judge Dredd vs Zombie (Overhead Shooter/Action)
Krazy Truckin’ (Strategy/Delivery) Review 65/100
League of Evil (Retro/2D Side Scrolling)
Manos: The Hands of Fate (Retro/2D Side Scrolling)
Manuganu (3D Running)
Monster Rivals (Pokemon)
Monster Warlord (Menu)
Orion Nebula (Overhead Shooter) Review 60/100
Pac-Man +Tournaments (Retro/Arcade) Review 89/100
Paper Monsters (Side Scrolling Action Platformer)
Pitfall (3D Running Game)
Pixel Kingdom (Tower Defense) Review 88/100
Plasma Sky (Overhead Shooter) Review 90/100
Prince of Persia Shadow & the Flame (2.5D Side Scrolling Adventure) Review 88/100
Real Racing 3(3D Racing/Time Management)
Real Steel (Fighting/Movie License)
Replica Island (Retro/2D Side Scrolling)
Sandbox, the (Zen)
Scorched Monster (Retro/2D Side Scrolling)
Shards of Time (Hidden Object) Review 80/100
SiliBili (3D Action Adventure)
SiliBili Lite (3D Action Adventure)
Simpsons, the – Tapped Out (Time Management/Freemium) Review 75/100 Pics – 1 2 3 4 5
Skiing Fred (3D Running/Skiing) Review 85/100
Spellwood (Battle Scrabble) Review 79/100
Spellwood Lite (Battle Scrabble)
Temple Run 2 (3D Running Game) Review 78/100 Pics – 1 2 3 4 5
Tetris Blitz (Puzzle/Speed Mode) Review 92/100
Tiny Station (Time Management/Tower Defense)
Total Recall (License/Rail Shooter)
Vector (2D Running Game)
Wild Bingo (Casual/Table)
Wild Blood (3D Action Adventure)
Zombie Derby (3D Running/Zombies) Review 87/100

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