Kathy Rain: A Detective is Born Released onto Android

Point and click adventures are not exactly synonymous with mobile devices and their smaller screens. That has not stopped many publishers from porting them over though. While we have seen this happen quite a bit with owners of many classic titles such as I Have No Mouth, Gabriel Knight, and a few others, it is also popular with more modern releases. One such modern release is Kathy Rain: A Detective is Born.

Taking control of Kathy Rain, players are tasked with solving the mysterious death of her grandfather. His death is complicated by the fact that he was a decorated war hero. Kathy Rain has a troubled past of her own and during her quest to solve her grandfather’s death, she will face those dark secrets–one at a time.

Kathy Rain: A Detective is Born features pixelated graphics that apparently are still popular in games. This dates the game to around the early to mid-1990’s as far as other games that used this style. The difference is, back then, it was cutting edge and about as good as it could get. Today, it is more of a marketing gimmick used by way too many game developers.

Anyhow, you will traverse over 40 locations in Conwell Springs. Characters feature over 4,000 lines of spoken dialogue, there is original music and hand drawn graphics round out the features of Kathy Rain: A Detective is Born. If you are not sick of pixelated games and enjoy point and click adventures, then you will probably like Kathy Rain: A Detective is Born. I was interested in reviewing it until I found out about the graphics–I just cannot do another forced pixelated adventure right now.

Kathy Rain: A Detective is Born by Raw Fury
Genre: Point and click
Platform: Android
In App Purchases: No
Rated: Mature 17+
Available on Google Play