Kickstarter- HDMYBoy now on Kickstarter Looking to Turn Gameboy HD

Way back in September we covered the HDMYBoy, a hack that allowed playing the original black and white Game Boy on an HDTV.  Now the HDMYBoy is on Kickstarter with plans to go mainstream if the project is fully funded (they are wanting about $81,000 in United States money).  This hack has been continuously worked on for the last three months and is finally at a point where it can be offered to fans.

The HDMYBoy is a hardware hack that will require you to dismantle your original Game Boy (Model DMG-01 no others will work) and assemble it in a Frankenstein style conglomeration.  This is not a simple plug and play modification so please be aware of that fact prior to supporting, or getting too excited over, this Kickstarter project.

Now back to the fun of the HDMYBoy.  Once you get everything up and running you can enjoy original Game Boy games in glorious HD.  You can game in 1080P or 720P on your HDTV in two modes.  Scale is the normal ratio of the Game Boy and Stretch is just as the name implies, stretching the image to fit the screen (and throwing off your timing in action games).  The cool thing about this modification is that it supports anti-aliasing of the graphics, which is either a plus or a minus in your book depending on what side of the fence you fall on.HDMYboy Kickstarter retro game retrogaming

Remember how the Super Game Boy allowed you to select different color palettes?  The HDMYBoy will allow you to do the same thing but you now have a palette of 17 million colors to pull from so you can get that perfect shade for your adventures in Hyrule or the Mushroom Kingdom.HDMYboy Kickstarter retro game retrogaming 2

Also included in this Kickstarter is a replica Nintendo Entertainment System controller with a 10 foot cable.  This saves you from having to buy an expensive lengthy HDMI cable and allows you to sit, nearly, anywhere you want.

If you are interested in playing your Game Boy on your HDTV then support this Kickstarter.

Source: Retrocollect