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Kickstarting First Person RPG’s with Temple of the Sun and Moon on Android

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First person role playing games like Temple of the Sun and Moon are right up my alley for fun.  That is why I was excited when I was contacted by Steve Miller about his title and even more excited about the fact that it was coming to a platform that I enjoy gaming on, Android (specifically the JXD S7300).

If you are a gamer from way back you probably remember titles like Alternate Reality, Eye of the Beholder and many others (Dragon Wars for our really old school readers) then you will be right at home with Temple of the Sun and Moon.  Modern gamers will see influences from games like The Elder Scrolls Oblivion and other titles.

For me though, single person party, single player, me against the dark dank world is perfect and that is exactly the route that Temple of the Sun and Moon is apparently taking (just check out the video below for a lot of information on the game).

Temple of the Sun and Moon is currently going through a Kickstarter campaign and if you want to see it happen, and expansions and more from Bad Ass Games, get over there and drop a few bucks and make it happen.  Old school RPG fans have already left and are there.  Support cool games like this, they are a dying breed.

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