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Kill Shot Bravo Android

Forget a story. Forget getting caught up in twists and turns with fictional characters. Kill Shot Bravo simply does one thing and does it well. You are put in the shoes of a soldier of many trades and must prove your worth against not only other digital soldiers but real-life players looking to rank up by ending your streak. That is the essence of this game by Hothead Games. Take on missions, kill the enemy, build a streak, and repeat. The amazing thing is, it doesn’t get old like you may think it would.

First, there is more to Kill Shot Bravo than just getting sent on a mission which is just a level and killing everything in it. There are many missions where you are doing just the opposite. This helps change up the situations that you face and keeps things a little fresher than if it was just kill everything every time.

You are given sets of levels to complete to move up in regions which gives you more levels to complete. There are a few types of challenges that you will face.

Special Events are often the best place to get your soldier upgraded easily as rewards are much better than the normal missions that you will face. As of this writing there is a special Thanksgiving event going on which features zombies. You know, zombies and giving thanks go well together so why not.

Primary missions are where the meat of Kill Shot Bravo makes an appearance. This is also the area that you will encounter the most variety in mission type while playing. Some missions will have you taking out EVERYTHING living while others will require you to be A LOT more selective in who you take out and in what order. Sometimes trial and error are the only ways to figure out the correct order.

Breach missions involve breaking into a facility or location and taking out enemies within. This mode is where Kill Shot Bravo feels more like an on rails shooter similar to The House of the Dead or Grand Shooter. You do have control over the view point so keep that in mind or you will be facing a wall as your soldier is being filled full of holes by an enemy.

Assault mode is my favorite as it is just you against the score of another player. Here you are given a position in a level and must defeat as many enemy soldiers as you can. Often the Assault mode is completed when the enemy sniper makes his appearance and you either take him out or he takes you out. I have lost Assault missions due to taking too much damage so don’t ignore the enemy soldier that is setting his aim on you.

As your soldier ranks up you can access new and more challenging mission types. Part of the leveling up process is getting bigger and better weapons. This is also where the In-App Purchase model comes into play. As you play Kill Shot Bravo you are going to earn some new weapon upgrades, money, gold, and medals. Guess which one you must buy with real world money.

It is not all “pay to win” here though. While yes, those that have more money to drop in the game will do better, they are not all that often paired up with you, at a lower level overall, while playing. The match making service present for modes such as Assault is pretty good at pitting similarly leveled gamers against each other.

Kill Shot Bravo Android

The In-App Purchase model seems to only really benefit those that simply must dominate the Top 10/20/50/100 player lists. I have yet to face off in Assault against someone that was obviously WAY ahead of me as far as level or weapons available goes. Somehow, there is a lot of balance going on in Kill Shot Bravo and I am glad they discovered it.

The only places where I have been enticed to spend money was in the ads that occasionally pop up offering exclusive deals or in the weapons upgrade section. Even in the weapon upgrade screen offers a way around paying with gold to speed up necessary weapon upgrades. Often watching an ad is available to speed up the timer by 15 minutes (when most upgrades take 20+ minutes). It is not perfect, but it is better than only giving players the choice to wait or pay with gold for that upgrade that is required to continue playing.

Kill Shot Bravo Android

Sometimes your enemy will be armored or well protected, these require special ammunition or thinking outside the box. If you are about to embark on such a mission your advisor tells you what upgrades are needed before you head out. This saves you from wasting an attempt at the mission.

Kill Shot Bravo is a “freemium” game and that means one way they get money out of players is for lives. Sure, these lives, or attempts, replenish over time (it is slow) you can also pay to replenish them immediately. I have no problem with this model as I am not often afforded more than 15 minutes or so to enjoy a few rounds while at my day job, so I never run out of lives during the day. I do however run out of lives in the evenings when I have time to play. That is when I just go play something else.

Kill Shot Bravo Android


Kill Shot Bravo has some great graphics that help keep you entwined in the events. There is even a slow-motion camera view when you shoot that last elusive enemy. While in this mode you can pan, zoom, etc. the camera for the best view of the final kill. It is a nice added touch for those that are into that kind of thing. It is also an effective way to signal the level is done.

Hothead Games have a hit on their hands with Kill Shot Bravo and they seem to know it as updates and new modes are constantly being implemented. This is another type of game that works well on mobile that I could see being EXTREMELY tough to make work on consoles.

Kill Shot Bravo by Hothead Games
Platform: Android (Ascend XT used for review) and iPhone
Genre: Sniper, shooter
In App Purchases: Yes, not intrusive
Rated: M for Mature on Google Play and 17+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store

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