King of Fighters 2012 Now Free Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Franchise

SNK has proven quite prolific in keeping their fans happy, either through re-releases of old franchise titles, taking established series in new directions or re-releasing formerly paid games as free.  SNK are not completely stupid in releasing King of Fighters 2012 as a free game.  There are ads interspersed in the game but the great news is, no In App Purchases to worry about.  Just an ad or two, or you could pay $3 and buy King of Fighters 2012 and not have to worry about ads either.  Your choice and SNK is giving it to you.

Both versions of King of Fighters 2012 are the same, over 30 characters in the roster, 3 on 3 team battles and an endless mode among some others.  King of Fighters 2012 offers a tutorial for gamers that are not familiar with how the proceedings will go down (less reason to cry when you are handed your butt).  For completionists out there are plenty of extras to earn and collect such as trading cards, portraits and illustrations such as rough sketches of the characters.King of Fighters 2012 Android retro fighting SNK

Some of the notable characters in King of Fighters 2012 include Art of Fighting, Psycho Soldier, Kim and Ikari teams totaling an additional 12 characters.  These additions allow you to edit just the right team of fighters for you to lead into battle.

Fighting games are a genre that has never quite lost its fervor with the fans over the years.  There are countless fighting games released every year, most are crap, but a few have staying power.  SNK and Capcom have pretty much owned this genre for the last couple of decades pushing out the likes of Nintendo, Sega and even Square Enix, just to name a few.King of Fighters 2012 Android retro fighting SNK 2

There are a ton of worse fighting games on Android so you could definitely waste time with other options.  King of Fighters 2012 should be at least tried.

King of Fighters 2012 by SNK Playmore
Platform: Android
Genre: Fighting
Rated: Medium Maturity
In App Purchases: None
Available now on Google Play