Kirby Battle Royale Demo Now Available

Kirby Battle Royale

Fans of Nintendo’s Kirby franchise will love this bit of news. The demo for Kirby Battle Royale on the Nintendo 3DS is now available on the 3DS eShop. For everyone that does not know what Kirby Battle Royale is all about, please keep reading. For everyone else, oh forget it, you are already on your 3DS’ and downloading it.

Kirby Battle Royale features one to four player fights featuring Kirby. Yeah, all the fighters are Kirby but players, or the computer, can pick between 10 plus different abilities and 10 different battle types. There are several gameplay modes available including Slam Hokey, treasure hoarding in Ore Express, missile firing in Robo Bonkers and other modes to be announced.

Multiplayer is available via local or online matchups which guarantee things are going to get hectic quick. Unfortunately, Nintendo still uses those “friend codes” so get ready to trade random digits and letters to fight with friends.

The demo for Kirby Battle Royale features three battles in single, and multiplayer modes (Sword, Cutter, and Beetle abilities are available). Gamers trying the demo will have the benefit of transferring Meta Knight and even coins to the main game once it is released.

Judging by the gameplay video above, Kirby Battle Royale looks to be quite a fun party game if you have three friends to play it with. Please keep that in mind, friends will probably make this game worth a lot more than the purchase price for you. If you are a hermit and have no friends, well, your mileage will obviously vary with this one.

Grab the demo, check it out, get some multiplayer in and grab that Meta Knight transfer while you can. It is free.

Kirby Battle Royale by Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Genre: Action, party
Rated: E 10+ for gamers 10 years old or older
Available: January 19th, 2018 (demo available now on 3DS eShop).

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