Lara Croft Go Comes to Android and iOS, Remembers Windows Phone Too

The Tomb Raider series is one that has been all over the place as far as the fans are concerned.  The first one took gaming by storm, the second was “alright” and the third is quite forgettable.  The series just goes up and down from there all the way up to current generation platforms.  Recently, the original Tomb Raider game was released on iOS and Android (updated with touch controls of course) and around that time we saw the release of Relic Run.  Now mobile gamers can enjoy an all new puzzle adventure on everything but Blackberry it seems.  Lara Croft Go is now available for Windows Phone (YES!), Android (alright!) and iOS (of course).

In Lara Croft Go you play as, well duh, Lara Croft in her adventure through the ruins of an ancient civilization.  Spread over five chapters’ players will take on minions, creatures and puzzle based challenges as they attempt to reveal the truth behind the Queen of Venom.  Relics that are hidden in the levels allow you to purchase new costumes (hints have been made to “nostalgic” costumes) and additional features.  Purportedly there are over 75 puzzles to thwart in Lara Croft Go.Lara_Croft_Tomb_raider_Windows_iTunes_iPhone_Nokia_Android_retro_adventure (2)

“With Lara Croft GO, we set out to capture the iconic franchise’s sense of exploration and combat in a fun, accessible way, while still challenging players,” said Patrick Naud, Head of Studio at Square Enix Montreal. ”The result is a clever, distinctive gameplay experience that we think will resonate not only with fans of Lara Croft and the GO series, but with most mobile gamers in general.”

One change that will either irk old time, and new, fans is that Lara Croft Go is turn based and not real time.  This is quite a change for a game known for its action and timing, but is probably a necessity due to playing it on a smaller screen with touch controls.  This could be what the series needs, a slight departure for a new platform.

Lara Croft Go by Square Enix
Platform: Windows Phone/computer, iOS and Android
Genre: Puzzle, Adventure
Rated: E10+ on Windows Store, 9+ on iTunes and Everyone on Google Play
Available now on Windows Store, iTunes and Google Play