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Letris 2 Review – JXD S601 Android Hand Held

letris 2 google play puzzle tetris wordtris falling block spelling (1)

Going into this review, I was washed over with interesting memories of other word spelling games like Scramble with Friends and even Wordtris on SNES/PC from years gone by.  Letris 2 is just like those games in the various modes on offer, if you want a board full of tiles to pull from reminiscent of Scrabble Blast on GBA, there is a mode for that.  If you are more into the Tetris style, falling blocks with letters on them, not unlike Wordtrs, then there is a mode for that too.Where Letris sets itself apart from those aforementioned titles is in the game play.  Where Scrabble Blast, Wordtris and Scramble with Friends required the letters to be touching, Letris 2 doesn’t have that restriction.  You can grab a “B” from one side of the screen and then jump to the other and get a letter “O” and then go up the screen to get the “A” and back to the bottom somewhere and get a “T” and spell boat.  Quite an opening of strategical value there from the developers in a really good attempt at setting Letris 2 apart.

There is no sound to speak of in the version I played so we will skip that part of the review.  Too bad custom audio tracks haven’t hit portables yet, Letris 2 would be a good game to have access to my own music tracks while playing.

JXD S601 Specifics:
Sometimes it is hard to click the letter you want, especially when playing in the Tetris style mode but it isn’t a deal breaker for enjoying Letris 2.  The graphics, as shown in the pics, are easy to read and quickly understand what is what in your attempt to spell bigger words for more points.

All in all, a good educational title.  Though, parents beware, Letris 2 is a “freemium” title and does include a $0.99 In App Purchase for unlimited levels without the ads.

Letris 2 by Noodlecake Studios Inc,
Platform: Android
Genre: Educational
Rated: Everyone
Score: 70/100
Available now on Google Play

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