Life on Mars Remake Released on Android, Take the MSX2 Game on the Go

Life on Mars Remake Android

Life on Mars started as an MSX2 title that was recently remade for PC’s (covered on our sister site, Retro Gaming Magazine). For those that don’t know, Life on Mars takes the sub genre known as “Metroidvania” and infuses it with some serious sci-fi trimmings to create a completely new experience. Now fans of Life on Mars can grab the remake release on Android for less than the cost of a large sweet tea at McDonald’s. Hurry though as this is an introductory price.

Life on Mars Remake pulls a lot of inspiration from sci-fi movies from the 80’s and 90’s. The plot revolves around a scientific colony on the planet Mars that has lost contact with Earth. This is never good as we know from movies that use this as a backdrop. Only some messed up stuff can come of losing contact with a distant colony.

Your quest will require travel all over the scientific colony and Mars itself to collect and upgrade weapons and armor. Along the way you are going to encounter a lot of mutants that would rather just cut you in half where you stand as to look at you. Keep that in mind when you meet them – fire first and then fire some more, then maybe just maybe, ask a question later.

Life on Mars Remake Android

Life on Mars Remake features four difficulty levels, just like the PC version (available on Steam). According to the Google Play listing, the easier settings give you the opportunity to enjoy Life on Mars Remake like you would a sprawling run and gun game. The harder difficulty levels will require more thought and planning to survive (probably limited ammunition and other supplies make it a much tougher game).

Be warned ahead of making that purchase though. Life on Mars Remake requires a quad core device (the GPD XD for example). This is mainly due to there being a lot of things going on as you play and Life on Mars Remake requiring a beefy machine to keep from slowing down. Also, controller support is not yet implemented but is planned for a future update. We will be back soon with a review to let you know how it runs on the available hardware we have here.

Life on Mars Remake by Kai Magazine Software
Platform: Android
In App Purchases: No
Genre: 2D side scrolling adventure
Rated: T for Teen
Available now on Google Play

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