Location: New Gaming Bar to Open in Sydney Australia Later this Year

Most gamers remember the good old arcades, whether Aladdin’s Castle or some local pizza parlor that had some arcade games in a small room. If you don’t remember those times, well, you are probably too young for this article as Sydney Australia is getting a gaming bar. Yes, you will soon be able to go to a bar, pay a cover charge and play to your heart’s content on retro video game consoles such as Nintendo 64 and Sega Dreamcast (eraly 90’s to early 2000’s consoles so no Atari 2600 folks) and more all the while enjoying your favorite adult beverage (additional fees for drinks of course, this is a bar of course). The cool thing is, the cover charge means the consoles will be free to play. What is funny about this is, this is not the first video game bar in Australia.

Melbourne and Brisbane both have video game bars to celebrate while this will be the first for Sydney. This new video game bar will be called Spawn Point. The games on hand will be multiplayer favorites such as the Super Mario Kart series, fighting games such as Street Fighter and Tekken and possibly sports games will be on regular rotation.

The game selection is not known at this time but on the Spawn Point Facebook page there are several oficial photos of games on NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64. Presumably the cutoff will be NES as we don’t see anything on older systems, it may be even be cut at a newer console. We will keep you posted on this as we find out more.

Check out Spawn Point on Facebook.

Source: Polygon

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