Magic Knight Rayearth Sees Fan Translation on Sega Game Gear

Magic Knight Rayearth Sega Game Gear Translation

Known as Mahou Kishi Rayearth in Japan, Magic Knight Rayearth has finally been translated by fans for English gamers to enjoy. This is another title for the quite limited library of titles that the Sega Game Gear received in North America. Sure, this is not an official release, but it is better than nothing – and it is a brand-new game rather than a retranslation or similar appending work.

The story is not exactly Final Fantasy IX in length or complexity but what you get is still quite good. Based on the premise of the manga/anime series, Magic Knight Rayearth on the Sega Game Gear focuses on the three girls attempting to find Mokona. Think of this as an interactive episode, or trade paperback and you will be just fine.

Battles are handled in a similar fashion to Phantasy Star, with your characters populating the bottom of the screen (here with portraits) and enemies facing you from the top. Each encounter is turn based and can get slightly complex in defeating the bad guys so if letting younger players enjoy this release, please be on hand to help if needed.

It is a shame that the Sega Game Gear did not receive more role-playing games, either action or turn based, during its lifetime. We got some but nothing on the level of a full-blown RPG. Such a shame as this was an area that Sega could have dominated the hand-held market with – and avoided many of the shortcomings of the Game Gear hardware (screen blurring for one).

There is a bit of strategy to the battles which are quasi turn based like Final Fantasy VII.

The big difference that Magic Knight Rayearth brings to the table is the portraits at the bottom scroll by. They are not static. As it is each characters turn to choose an action their portrait will zoom in. Tapping the action button stops the scrolling on the next active character. This could be good for picking heavy hitters first, then risking the enemy attacking before you can choose your magic healer.

Grab the patch over on or grab a physical copy of the Japanese game from eBay (you will need to dump your own copy of the game).