Magikarp Jump Continues to Make a Splash

Magikarp Jump is one of those mobile titles that make people look in disbelief. A game where the objective is to teach Magikarps to be the best like no one ever was… to jump other magikarps is the real test to train Magikarps is your cause. But, your trainer won’t be traveling across the land searching far and wide as each Magikarp is found right within the confines of a pond conveniently found in Hoppy Town.  Eventually, each Magikarp will understand the power that’s inside as they jump towards the heavens in an effort to be a champion of the Magikarp Jump League. But, after a few months out in the market the game has finally been fully updated and complete… with no more updates planned for the future is the game truly any good? The answer is… sometimes.

Similar to other phone app games, Magikarp Jump is a clicking game where you complete a few actions and proceed to wait around for the next round. But, Magikarp Jump does what it’s meant to do well, and if you’re a fan of Pokémon you’ll certainly get a kick of playing the game. Magikarp is widely recognized as one of the most useless Pokémon in existence, a fact that the game is all too proud and quick to acknowledge. However, in Magikarp Jump the entirety of gameplay revolves around making your fish do what they do best and splash to their very limits and break the chains which hoist them to their earthen realm. Your character is the newcomer to Hoppy Town a locale that celebrates (or used to) their Magikarp population for its ability to jump towards the heavens. Magikarp became such a celebrated part of the town’s cultural identity that they eventually created their own Pokémon League in order to compete in jumping matches in which they jump at such ludicrous heights the gravitational pull from their drop leaves a fish shaped crater in the ground. It’s every bit as silly as it sounds, but Magikarp Jump is a rather solid title even if it doesn’t cost a penny.

Magikarp Jump is a free-to-play game and unlike many of the alternative titles in the market it truly lives up to the title. Furthermore, Magikarp Jump only has one item that can’t be purchased with in-game currency and it’s not even crucial for gameplay. Certainly, players could fork over some cold-harsh cash for gold and diamonds to buy the assist Pokémon early on, but it’s not a requirement by any means. You can play the entirety of Magikarp Jump without spending a dime, and still feel fulfilled when your little fish goes from tiny to fully-fledged flying machine in the course of its rather short career lifetime. Yes, you read that correctly, Magikarp is not expected to have a long career or even life and it makes everything much faster paced.


Death lies around every corner for your fishy companion as hungry Pidgeottos and suicidal Voltorbs can hide throughout your adventures and “force retire” your Magikarp. Forced retirement is a rather unsubtle euphemism for your Magikarp dying or other retiring by other means than simply not being able to jump any higher. But, all hope is not lost as the player can gather rewards from having their Magikarp die numerous times and experiencing the different deaths helps fill out the events achievement list. Other types of force retirement involve the evolution of Magikarp into Gyarados, or science experiments gone wrong! But, you won’t feel too bad as the mayor of Hoppy Town… Mayor Karp gives the player a few words of encouragement and proceeds to let him/her (nobody seems to really know) fish a new companion to train.

Training a Magikarp involves several methods. The first method is feeding Magikarp, 2nd is giving him actual training such as beating up sandbags and hopping into a counter, 3rd is assist Pokémon such as Pikachu, and finally events throughout the game help in providing extra experience. Utilizing all of these efficiently and effectively is the best way to level up Magikarp and become a Magikarp Champion. There is a limit to how often and quickly you can perform any of these actions as food has limited space in the pond, training has a set recovery time along with the assist Pokémon, and events have certain triggers such as losing a battle or completing a training session.

However, despite the life of a Magikarp being fickle and fast-paced, it’s still hard not to get attached to the little guys. Players will find themselves avoiding adventures on their favorite Magikarp in order to avoid killing them, as any fish who survives into retirement can be seen swimming in the depths of your pond. Players will be able to click on the surviving older fish and see what generation they came from and what their stats were upon retirement which provides them with a small sense of pride as their Magikarp continues living a full life. Random events also help players form bonds with their Pokémon as you can see your fish spend time with their assistants and even battle together in one of those events. These aspects help Magikarp Jump feel like a real Pokémon game instead of simply an after thought that came to be from a team of developers who were bored.

But, despite enjoying Magikarp Jump I can’t honestly say I think it’s a great game. It’s still a click fest and I don’t think anyone outside of a casual fanbase will appreciate the game. But, Magikarp Jump does offer bite-sized pieces of entertainment that can be digested during downtime at work or during lunch. Players can go through multiple generations in a short amount of time and can always find a moment to raise their colorful fish companions, beat a few battles and proceed to wait as their training points restore at a rate of one per 30 minutes. Eventually with patience, understanding, love and compromise the player will manage to become the jump league champion and be the very best like no one ever was.

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Pokemon Magikarp Jump by The Pokemon Company
Platform: Android and iPhone
Genre: Casual, clicker
In App Purchase: Yes
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play and 4+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store



For those who read up to this point here is the Magikarp Jump rendition of the Pokémon anime theme song.

I want to jump the very best

Like no one ever splashed


To Flail them is my real test

To Splash them is my Cause

I will tackle near and tight

Each Magikarp to Understand

The Jumps that are inside


(It’s you and me)

I know it’s my Koi King


Oooooooh, you’re my best fish

In a town we must upend!


(A hop so true)

Our flailing will get us through

You jump me and I’ll splash you


Gotta Jump them all

gotta jump them all