Marble It Up Launches on Nintendo Switch, Coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Marble It Up Nintendo Switch

3D marble style games are nothing new, we have seen them from time to time over the years. Super Monkey Ball comes to mind immediately for instance. While many are quick to attempt to copy a title like Super Mario 64 or release another racing game, we don’t see nearly enough takes on the Marble Madness style genre. Marble It Up by Bad Habit Productions is just that though, your marble and your guiding it through the haphazard world. Unlike Marble Madness, or Super Monkey Ball, your only enemy in Marble It Up is time trials ghosts you create or from friends and off world leaderboards. Yep, no enemies other than the environment that is.

Marble It Up features 50 levels to traverse and conquer. Anyone that has played any of these type of game knows it is never as easy as it sounds. Marble physics are different than those of similar 3D action adventure games. For one, momentum is an unseen killer. Thankfully, there are many powerups you can use to help in your quest to be number one. From jumping higher to being able to dart in the direction you are facing, these powerups and how you use them are integral to your success or failure.

Steam players can make use of the Steam Workshop to enjoy levels created by other players. Some of the standard levels are already menacing looking as it is, I can only imagine what fresh hell users will come up with to challenge other gamers.

Fans of Marble Madness that want a spiritual successor for their Nintendo Switch or computer via Steam, here you go. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers, you won’t have to wait too long as Marble It Up is currently in development for your platforms as well.

Marble It Up by Bad Habit Productions
Platform: Nintendo Switch, Steam for Windows and Mac
Genre: 3D Action, Adventure
Rated: E for Everyone
Available now on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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