Megapanel Homage Into the Blue Released for Nintendo Game Boy

Into the Blue Nintendo Game Boy

Look, I love covering new independently developed homebrew titles. They are obviously labors of love by the persons involved, often one-man teams, and sometimes are better than official releases. Another thing about these independent releases is you sometimes get to know the developers a little, more so than you would say the designer of God of War or something. Into the Blue is one such case. The developer remembered me from coverage of his earlier title, Retroid, and tipped me off to this new puzzle release. Just one thing, don’t call it a Tetris Attack clone.

Tetris Attack and Into the Blue share a common screen style, much like Columns and Tetris did. The difference is in the gameplay.

While Tetris Attack had you swapping tiles left and right, matching three or more to eliminate them from the playfield. Into the Blue hearkens back to the slider puzzles you see at Dollar Tree or in the toy aisle at Walmart.

This is because Into the Blue pulls inspiration from an earlier than Tetris Attack, Sega Mega Drive of Japan exclusive title, called Megapanel. Whew, that was a mouthful.

Anyhow, you control an icon that occupies one full tile space no matter where it goes. Depending on the direction you move you will displace the next tile that direction.

This allows you to move tiles up and down, not only left and right. This also changes the mechanics that Tetris Attack fans may have as second nature by now. Believe me, it is a subtle change, but it is a big one.

There is a bit of adjustment to overcome when playing Into the Blue for the first time. What you get for your patience is an interesting take on a more familiar puzzle game that really has had no competition over the years.

Want to play Into the Blue? Head over to the Green Screen website and grab your free copy. There are no donation requirements, there are no Patreon only offers, just a free labor of love from one gamer to you.

Want to play on real hardware? Hit eBay for a deal on a Game Boy and a flash cart.