Moe! Ninja Girls Corny Anime Girls Abound!

Ninja girls, ninja boys, token gaijin, and plenty of hijinks are abreast in this titillating visual novel by the NTT Solmare Corporation! But, busty ninjas aren’t the only thing that awaits you in Moe! Ninja Girls as plenty of jokes pandering to the anime community are aplenty. Regardless of how boobish (it’s an actual British word look it up) the humor is, there’s actually plenty to find in this visual novel brought over to our Western shores straight from Japan. Originally, Moe! Ninja Girls made their debut in our shores during the North America Anime Expo convention in Los Angeles which managed to bring crowds of 350,000 people during 2017! Now, the game holds a respectable 4.5 stars rating in the Android app store, yet does it hold up to par in comparison to fully fledged visual novels of this day and age? I’m not particularly certain…

For the uninitiated, Moe! Ninja Girls! is a visual novel, a type of game which is played almost like a story, you fulfill the role of a character who is normally faceless/non-descript in order for the player to fill his shoes. The player as the character, decides what girls, or routes to take in order to achieve an ending with the character of their dreams. But, unfortunately things aren’t always as simple as they seem, and decisions made early in these games can cost dearly in a similar vein to adventure games such as Sierra’s own King’s Quest. The challenge in visual novels usually comes from knowing what paths cancel each other out, what decisions will impact later ones, and how to use the tools provided by the story. Similar games in this genre are: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Loren: The Amazon Princess, Fate/Stay Night, Lunar Legends Tsukihime, Corpse Party, Danga Ronpa and many others. The aforementioned titles all focus on engaging storylines of varying degrees with different elements of gameplay such as the cross-examination sections in Ace Attorney and the Role Playing Games elements of Loren: The Amazon Princess. Yet, if all visual novels focus on storylines, what exactly makes Moe! Ninja Girls particularly different to all the others? The characters and storyline are certainly a start!

Moe! Ninja Girls is a novel about a young man meeting the love of his life without simultaneously revealing his secret identity as you guessed it… a ninja! The game begins with a brief description of what ninja are, but the reality is that these colorful characters don’t truly do much to blend in the crowd. Characters in the novel are all stereotypical anime personalities, such as the bubbly, blonde, ace Akari, the tsundere Enju, defrosting ice queen/Rei Ayanami clone Ricka, token loli Myu, sexy older sisterly type Tengge, and cosplay freak Yamabuki. Players looking to find their virtual waifus will certainly not be disappointed, but those are unfamiliar with anime might be somewhat disappointed. Yet, in-spite of all the tired cliché archetypes these characters still manage to come off as endearing to players as they familiarize with their favorite girls and decide if they want to replay the game in order to unlock all of the endings.  However, what stands out the most from these virtual girlfriends has to be their assets!

Featuring the same calling card as another famous series about ninja girls, Senran Kaguran the most prominent feature of Moe! Ninja Girls is the busty kunoichi which abound in both titles. Japan is certainly not the foremost authority on body positivity movements and this game oozes with that mentality. All of the girls are perfect 10’s and despite some of their initial quirks, it’s easy to get end up focusing on just the eye-candy as you play while forgetting what exactly it is you’re meant to be doing and with good reason. As I said earlier, the story is a major focus of the game, and at least during the beginning of is audacious and silly with characters being at times overwhelmingly annoying such as Enju which was actually the one I went after in my playthrough (I was annoyed she kept calling me a hentai). Additionally, the game is peppered with Japanese words the likes of which can only be observed in a conversation between two young weaboos in high school. If you’re an older player that has lived in Japan like I have this will become extremely annoying. But, if you enjoy mixing English with Japanese then Moe! Ninja Girls will be right up your alley. But, you don’t have to purchase the game right away as the title is free-to-pay with storyline tickets being purchasable in order to move the story along.

Moe! Ninja Girls doesn’t cost anything to download, but if you want to play the game fully you’ll have to fork over some real money in order to continue. Players start the game with enough tickets to see about five mini-episodes, don’t give too much thought to these as you’ll run out quickly enough from them with only a meager bite of what is in store for the game. You (the player) will only get to actually interact with a few girls from the cast and it’s not nearly enough to get a good feel from the game. But, once you start digging through and actually decide to purchase the game Moe! Ninja Girls really opens up. This is actually one of the common aspects of Visual Novels as they don’t tend to open up fully until the entire cast is unlocked!

Moe! Ninja Girls is available now on Android, Apple iOS, and even Facebook. If you want to play this tantalizing story of young romance, secret identities, and bursting young ladies with massive tracts of land, you won’t want to miss Moe! Ninja Girls and while it’s certainly not the type of game to start out your visual novel journey if you’re already a fan of the genre along with virtual dating sims, you’ll find it right in your alley. Personally, though I recommend starting out with some of the established PC titles before trying this one out!