Morphite, Metroid Prime Style Game, Announces Release Window on Android

I previously covered Morphite over on our sister site, Gravis Ludus. Considering the ties it has with Metroid Prime–at least in design choices–I figure it would be better suited here on Retro Gaming Magazine. For those that do not know about Morphite, you are looking at a new Crescent Moon Games release–if you are a big mobile gamer then you probably know that name. For those that don’t, they are a fun developer that doesn’t follow a set rule in genres. Morphite steps outside of their comfort zone. 3D space exploration with a flat shaded polygon graphics style are just a couple of highlights.

Late last year I brought up that Morphite is like the polar opposite of No Man’s Sky with life filled worlds to explore. Many of those worlds featuring hostile enemies to avoid and buildings to explore. Basically, you are not going to be longing for action in Morphite.

Now, you may remember in my article on Gravis Ludus, I mentioned a Nintendo classic: Metroid Prime. Okay, classic is loose depending on your feelings about that GameCube bred series. Anyhow, the action here is handled much the same way: 3D first person view and a gun at the bottom of the screen. The worlds are set up similar to what we experienced in the Metroid series: beat them, learn new abilities and return to previous worlds to explore more.

Morphite is planned for a Spring 2017 release on Android (probably iPhone, too, but no word yet). You will probably need a decent phone, or a GPD XD (or similar) to play this one well.

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Morphite by Crescent Moon Games
Platform: Android
Genre: 3D Action Adventure, exploration
Rated: No information yet
Available Spring 2017