Mummy Dark Universe Story, Choose Your Own Adventure Book Advances Genre with Crappy Movie License

Mummy Dark Universe Story

The Mummy reboot has pretty much bombed with fans in North America – it still has a chance I believe with international audiences though. Universal have decided to give fans of the movie more of the story in the form of this Choose Your Own Adventure book, available for mobile devices. While the license sucks, if you are only knowledgeable of the current movie, this CYOA book does fare better, at least with me.

A little back story on me and my interest in the Mummy franchise:

I am a huge fan of the Brendon Frasier Mummy movies. Well, the first two anyhow, I was not aware of the third movie until recently but have yet to find time to watch it. Part of my interest in the first two movies is probably that I think Rachel Weisz, Evelyn, is hot. Not in an Egyptian setting prior to air conditioning hot either.

The Brendon Frasier Mummy films were my re-introduction to what I call the “Indiana Jones style” of action movies. Basically, action with some comedy and death defying situations to face. There are not a lot of movies like this to enjoy and when they come along, we must well, enjoy them.

Mummy Dark Universe Story

Unfortunately, for many, myself included, the Tom Cruise Mummy remake is not that type of film. I will save my opinion on the film for another day though as this review is for The Mummy Dark Universe Story. Somehow, a completely different beast from the film it is based on.

First, The Mummy Dark Universe Story is set AFTER the events of the film. At first, since it was a bit since I watched the movie and have spent the interim trying my best to forget it, I was a little lost as to what was going on. It didn’t take long to get the major details from the Choose Your Own Adventure thanks to referencing and descriptions as the story progressed. With that said, I can honestly say, you probably can just read up on the Wikipedia page for the Mummy reboot and be fine as far as prefacing the game book.

The Mummy Dark Universe Story makes use of key sound effects and stylistic artwork to create a unique take on the Choose Your Own Adventure genre. Rather than static images that just sit there, Dark Universe Story has multiple layers of artwork interacting and crossing over each other. This effect is quite unique and much more immersive than just still images.

Mummy Dark Universe Story

What the Mummy Dark Universe Story does well is fix most of the screw ups in the movie. There is no huge budget to blow, there is no actors screwing up in subtle ways, there is none of that. It is just a well laid out story and your wits to figure out what to do next. Choose badly and well, terrible things happen to your characters.

The interactivity in Mummy Dark Universe Story is set on the light side. Not all scenes have interactive points but the ones that do make use of it rather well. At certain points in the story you will be faced with having to solve a problem by clicking on the screen or panning around the visible area to find clues. These interactive points are great to break up the usual CYOA stuff where you pick who to talk to, or which way to go, during the story.

One scene has you trying to decide if you should open a sarcophagus or not and the consequences of your choice thereafter. I chose to not open it which led to having to figure out a few puzzles in a later scene. I am not sure if I had opened the coffin if I would have been presented with a different outcome (maybe death?) or not without replaying the chapter with my newfound knowledge.

That is the fun of Dark Universe Story, knowing something new for the next play through and seeing how it effects the story that you receive when you make that other decision. It can prolong the story, though honestly, if the writing sucks it will be a chore to get through. The Mummy CYOA has proficient writing and the way they use technology to pan around and reveal images on the map and in the story scenes is unique and sometimes cool, sometimes annoying.

Mummy Dark Universe Story

What I like a lot about Dark Universe Story’s take over all the Choose Your Own Adventure genre is that there are achievements in the chapters. Each chapter has three goals that you can achieve as you play along. If you miss any you can replay the chapter with the knowledge of what choice to make to get them all. Great for people that must achieve everything possible in their entertainment and a fantastic way to help guide the reader to a predefined ending. I missed quite a few achievements in the early chapters. I am not yet sure what effect that has on my ending in the game yet as I have not completed the book – though I am quite far into it and loving the story so far.

The developers have stated that they plan on releasing updates with new chapters that continue the story within the Dark Universe which has me thinking there will be more when this Choose Your Own Adventure is over. I wonder how it will play out within the Universal Universe that the movie studio is dead set on creating? I mean, for some reason nowadays, EVERYONE must have a freaking universe of characters that co-exist – even when a good old fashioned standalone franchise would do much better.

The Mummy Dark Universe Story by NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Platform: Android (ZTE ZMAX 2 used for review) and iTunes
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: T for Teen on Google Play and 12+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store


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