Muscle Hustle Slingshot Wrestling Review, Wrestling Meets Pool Under Freebird Rules

Muscle Hustle Android and iPhone

What do you get when you mix wrestling with pool? You get Muscle Hustle by Foxglove Studios. Before you start crying that the premise is stupid – how can wrestling and pool go well together – at least give this review a run through, if not download the game and try for yourself. First, wrestling and pool seem to work together QUITE WELL – much better than I figured they would.

Before we dive into this review, I do want to mention that there are indeed In App Purchases available. This may be a turn off for some gamers but seriously, in Muscle Hustle, IAP is no problem. Neither are ads which there are none other than the occasional house ad for their IAP. With that out of the way, let’s get on with this review.

When starting Muscle Hustle, you receive a few wrestlers which are your starting lineup. You quickly earn more as you play though. When creating your team of three to fight, you can choose from your whole locker room – depending on the situation that you will be facing. I prefer at least one fast striker and a couple of “tanks” as they are called Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) – basically the opposite of WWE’s current three-man teams (the Shield and New Day which both feature one big guy with two smaller ones flanking them in the team).

Muscle Hustle Android and iPhone

This strategy allows for some interesting in ring work for me. Many of the opponents you will face are all over the place. Some are high fliers that hit for very little damage while others are bigger, slower, combatants that hit for LOTS of damage. The mix of your team, just like in any good MMORPG, will have to change as you play to adjust for the challenges that you face.

The actual game play is set in a rectangular shaped ring (like a pool table rather than the squared circle). You can bounce your wrestler off the ropes for a boost of energy behind an attack – at the expense of distance). You can fling your wrestler directly into others in the ring with a simply swipe and hold to aim style of control.

This is where you must pay attention to strategy and remember your team’s makeup. If you have a wrestler that is a high flier and they are near a corner, you can bump them into the corner and they will climb the ropes and attack as well – performing a combo attack. This works for characters that have “cheap shots” as attacks, such as throwing objects.

As you play, there will be items appearing in the ring – apparently this is an Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) circa 1996 promotion. Flinging your wrestler over these objects will allow them to use them in their attacks. Hit a chair in the ring and they will throw it at an opponent and continue their own attack based on your aim. Adds a bit of strategy to the proceedings.

As you progress, you will face off against bigger wrestlers – denoted by the larger ball/chip that represents them in the ring. These bosses are when I love having a fast striker on the team. If done right, a fast striker can hit a boss, or other opponent, upwards of 10 to 15 times with each hit causing 150+ damage. This racks up quickly and can bring a tough opponent to their knees rather quickly. Factor in tagging with partners for additional damage using combos and it is easy to see why strikers are good to have around.

You can compete in a myriad of matches and tournaments. There is even a multiplayer mode once you get into the game a bit.

Muscle Hustle Android and iPhone

There are hundreds of wrestlers available so don’t fret if you are stuck with a bad one or two.

Powering up your wrestlers occurs with gear they can win during tournaments and other ways. If you hire a coach, then you can have them work with one wrestler and improve that wrestler’s ability to great levels. Winning championship belts from tournaments can also have a decent impact on how a wrestler performs in the ring.

There are two forms of cash in Muscle Hustle – gold bars and cash. Obviously gold bars are the rarer of the two and are used to unlock better things as you play. So far, after a good day of playing Muscle Hustle, I can safely say, with a little bit of grinding you can still achieve wonderful things without dropping a penny in real world cash.

Muscle Hustle Android and iPhone

Much like Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare, I think the developers here are quite lenient when it comes to push their In-App Purchase model. For casual gamers this is great news as you can get a lot of gameplay out of your efforts in Muscle Hustle. It is also great news for hardcore fans as you can get some amazing deals with your cash.

Now we come to the commentary in Muscle Hustle. This is some of the best commentary that has little to do with the actual action that I have ever heard. Forget about hearing play by play comments – that is not happening. Instead, you are greeted with comments like “My sister can do better” or “It’s not pretty but it gets the job done” and many more zingers to your performance in the ring. The announcers also give out kudos when you do well, though it is still a generic comment.

Seriously, when I first started playing Muscle Hustle I was thinking this was going to be an easy slam (no pun intended) on the game. There was simply no way that wrestling, and pool were going to work together, yet here I am nearing 1,000 words telling you how they in fact do work well together.

If you are still skeptical about Muscle Hustle, then I don’t know what to tell you. If you are a WWE fan, then you will recognize facsimiles of certain wrestlers such as Daniel Brian. As far as wrestling games on mobile go, this is the closest I have found in recent time. There was that WWE Champions from a few years ago that mixed wrestling with Bejeweled match 3 gameplay and there is that WWE Tappers that is not even a wrestling game in the slightest.

Even if the competition was stiffer, Muscle Hustle would still hold a prominent position in the rankings. Grab Muscle Hustle on Google Play or iTunes today.

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