Need for Speed No Limits Power Slides onto Google VR

Need for Speed is an iconic racing game. Starting life on the–way before its time–3DO console and continuing onward to the competition, Need for Speed was different: You did not have to customize anything, you simply got in the car and drove. While many complained that the original on 3DO was lacking a sense of speed, it was still quite the showcase game for what was to come. Fast forward a couple of decades and we now see the series coming to Virtual Reality (VR) thanks to Google’s “Google VR”. There is a very definite sense of speed in Need for Speed No Limits VR.

Need for Speed No Limits VR changes how you play and that may throw off some fans. The most dramatic change in this release is that you are mainly playing from the “in cockpit” view. This is understandable from a design standpoint–it is virtual reality after all. You are in the cockpit and you are able to look around like you would in your car driving down the roads around your home, just much faster.

In the gameplay video below, we can see some rather “oh crap” moments with cars colliding, cop cars flipping, and more. All viewed from the drivers point of view which really heightens the closeness of the situation. Racing games like Need for Speed No Limits VR are going to definitely benefit from virtual reality.

The biggest concern I have with Need for Speed No Limits VR is that it is $15 to buy and then on top of that, Electronic Arts includes In App Purchases (IAP). That is just greedy in my eyes. If they want to charge for IAP then they should lower the entry price or do away with it altogether. It just comes off as a bad sign to many gamers to do it the way they are.

Need for Speed No Limits VR by Electronic Arts
Genre: Racing
Platform: Google VR, Android
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: E for Everyone
Available now on Google Play