Neo Geo Golf Game Neo Turf Masters Released on Android and iTunes

Anyone that has been around gaming for a few decades probably remembers the Neo Geo.  Hell, those that are newer to gaming probably have heard about the console that cost as much as a used Chevy Cavalier and games were more than a new set of Michelin tires.  SNK was pretty upfront about the situation – they made no bones about it, their console was the arcade game in your home.  That costs money.  Early games such as Cyber Lip and Neo Turf Masters were similar to other offerings on Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis but still unique experiences in their own rights.

Neo Turf Masters turned 20 years old earlier this year and to celebrate, DotEmu have released the game on Android and iPhone.  What is cool about DotEmu releases is that they go the extra mile to rework the controls, and support controllers if you have it.  Also there are achievements to earn, leaderboards for bragging rights and local turn based multiplayer.  Additionally DotEmu have made sure that Android TV is supported in Neo Turf Masters.

Venues include the United States, Japan, Germany and Australia among many others.  This is an arcade golf game so don’t expect to see super detailed specs on clubs and your golfer.  The point of Neo Turf Masters is action so rounds go quick.

If you are a purist you can grab the cartridge version on the original Neo Geo hardware but be prepared for a bit of sticker shock.  Copies of the cartridge game can range up to $100 for a complete in box and in good condition.  The Android and iPhone version will set you back about $3.  Take your pick but the mobile version can be played on the go, with or without an Internet connection and doesn’t require the whole of a backseat to transport (cartridge, controllers and the console).

Neo Turf Masters by DotEmu
Genre: Arcade, sports/golf
Platform: Android, iPhone
In App Purchases: No
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play and 4+ on iTunes
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store