New Atari Lynx Shooter Weltenschlachter Completed

A new Atari Lynx shooter Weltenschlachter has just been completed. This new shooter pulls on the old nostalgia strings hard as it features some strong ties to the classic Yar’s Revenge and other side scrolling shooters. From what we know of this one, it is definitely squarely in the “quarter muncher” category–thankfully, the Atari Lynx does not take quarters.

Graphically, Weltenschlachter is a little bare, but that is to be expected as this is the Atari Lynx. While there have been some decently powerful looking graphical powerhouse releases on the portable, they were few and far between back in the day. As most retrogaming fans will tell you though, graphics alone do not make a quality title.

First shown at E-Jagfest 2016, Weltenschlachter apparently left a lot of show goers crying for a physical release. Based on the description on the YouTube video, it appears that that is just what is happening. Weltenschlachter is allegedly going to see a physical release soon. Hopefully, someone in the United States will pick it up for domestic release–maybe Songbird Productions?

If you miss Yar’s Revenge, and yearn for another side scrolling shooter, then you will want to give Weltenschlachter a shot when it is released. Considering there are no domestic releases scheduled at this time–as far as I know–be prepared for horrible conversion rates and high shipping charges on a physical copy. Maybe there will be a digital only release similar to how Sacred Line was released on Sega Genesis.

We don’t see a lot of new releases on Atari’s misbegotten hand held machine. That is a shame because the Atari Lynx is a pretty powerful hand held that was just not able to break into the mainstream. Maybe the independent homebrew world can help bring the Atari Lynx back to life.

Source: Youtube via Homebrew Heroes on Facebook