New Elevator Based Game Lifty Launches on iPhone and Android

Lifty Android and iPhone

Australian based developers are not all that common. The last one that made a mark around the Gaming on Batteries offices was The Voxel Agents with their Train Conductor series. Now another developer from down under is trying to make a splash with an elevator based game for Android and iPhone called Lifty.

Lifty! by Major Frank is an arcade style elevator game, not like the classic Elevator Action though. Instead of avoiding agents and such, here you are delivering passengers to their respective floors, based on their colors. This is somewhat putting you in the role of an elevator attendant in a large building if you will. Like most arcade games, you have three chances to complete your goals.

Lives are lost when you have passengers that explode because they were delivered to their floor in time. Yep, let three die and your game is over.

Lifty features a ton of different passengers, floors to deliver them too, and even unique/weird elevators to use to deliver those passengers. From a ketchup bottle to a washing machine, the elevators are full of character and keep an otherwise easily boring game fresh and interesting. There are also many different buildings to unlock and explore in your adventure. Major Frank promises new levels each month so if you find Lifty fun, you can keep playing.

It is not that often that we get a new take on an old game idea, especially on mobile platforms. Lifty does change things up a bit and might be worth your time to at least try it, just be prepared, there are In-App Purchases and in-game advertising here.

Lifty! by Major Frank
Platform: Android and iPhone
Genre: Arcade
In App Purchases: Yes, plus in-game advertising
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play and 4+ on iTunes
Available now on iTunes, pre-registration on Google Play

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