New Fan Spanish Translations Available Now

Breath of Fire Spanish Title Screen

We understand there are more than a few of our friends out there that play games in the Spanish language. With that in mind, we have rounded up a few fan translations that are focused on Spanish gamers. We have a couple for the Sega Game Gear, one for the Nintendo Game Boy, and one for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance so read on.

First up is Sega’s Shinobi for the Game Gear. This was not exactly a port of any other version of Shinobi, rather it was a new, original take on the mythos of Sega’s first ninja. Shinobi for the Sega Game Gear has you traversing large levels in various landscapes, not as complicated levels as say Metroid, but they are certainly not straight forward affairs. Now Spanish gamers can enjoy this mobile rendition of Shinobi.

Shinobi Sega Game Gear

Next up is the sequel to the previous entry, Shinobi II for the Sega Game Gear. Continuing the style of the first portable game, Sega’s ninja keeps up the 2D side scrolling action with all new levels that are even bigger than the first games’ challenges. I am not sure who at Sega thought it was a clever idea to make a level in the sewers, complete with COMPLETELY blacked out, no lights, segments. Anyhow, now Spanish gamers can “enjoy” the lights out segments too. Get through them and more sprawling levels await with enemies just ready to slice you down.

Shinobi II Sega Game Gear

Next up is Alien vs Predator for the Nintendo Game Boy. This was another 2D side scrolling action affair, like the two Sega offerings in this list. Alien vs Predator features some detailed graphics, especially for the aging hardware that it appeared on. It is not exactly a graphics powerhouse today but there are still some decent level designs and challenging enemies to take on. Much like Sega’s Shinobi games, the levels here are sometimes sprawling affairs that require effort to get through – not just simple run from point A to point B.

Alien vs Predator for Nintendo Game Boy

Capcom’s Breath of Fire for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance is the final game in our round up. Breaking up the monotony of 2D side scrolling action games, Breath of Fire is a turn based role playing game. The same problems that plagued the Super Nintendo original (vague clues in the script) plague the Spanish fan translation so grab a walk through if possible. It will save you a lot of headache.

Breath of Fire Nintendo Game Boy Advance

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Do you have a Spanish game translation that we need to tell the world about? Let us know in the comments below.

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