New Game: Airaki for Game Boy (Puzzle Quest style game on retro handheld)

Puzzle Quest, or “Battle Bejeweled” as it is called around the Hyper Focused Media Group offices, is definitely a title that changed the puzzle world around a bit. By adding an opponent and turn based gameplay, Puzzle Quest turned the Match 3 genre into its next iteration, one that gamers are still enjoying across the board.

I am a big fan of Puzzle Quest, since I saw it in an old copy of some UK PSP Buyer’s Guide that I got at a local Barnes and Noble (best $16 I spent on a magazine but not the most expensive). There was one picture and a paragraph or two describing the game. I was hooked. This niche genre has been slowly expanding to platforms of yesteryear (the NES got it with Gemventure), now the Nintendo Game Boy has a variation- Airaki.

airaki game boy puzzle quest

We don’t know a lot right now other than the style of game and a picture of the game screen and a cartridge shot. What we do know is that it is like Puzzle Quest. The cool part is that Airaki is being developed by the same person behind such cool things as a TV-Out mod for the Virtual Boy and the Super Neo Geo Pocket.


Airaki is currently open for pre-order and is scheduled to ship in early April 2014.