New Game: Alone in the Dark hits iOS

Horror gaming fans know how sparse the offerings were in the early 1990’s. There simply were not a lot of choices, though what was available was pretty good. One such title, many feel is the originator of the genre, Alone in the Dark, is now available on iOS (no word on the unofficial Dreamcast port that is in the works though).

Inspired by, or possibly ripping off, H.P. Lovecraft, Alone in the Dark is pretty harsh if you are not careful and know what to do when and where. This game does not hold your hand around the mansion by any means- sort of like being dumped in the deep end of the pool.

The iOS port features the two playable characters you expect- private detective Edward Cornby or Jeremy Hartwood’s niece, Emily Hartwood. This version features controls that are better suited for mobile devices so gameplay should be easier to tolerate, especially for the uninitiated amongst you.

Alone in the Dark iOS retro resident evil horror survival (2)

If you are a die hard Resident Evil fan then check out Alone in the Dark, it really is just as scary or worse in many places. Definitely worth the buck they are currently asking for it.

Alone in the Dark by Atari
Platform: iOS
Genre: Survival Horror
Rated: 12+
Available now on iTunes.