New Game: Defender of the Crown on Commodore Amiga Returns to iTunes App Store

Defender of the Crown holds the honor as being Cinemaware’s first game.  This feat is made even more compelling when you see the graphics, hear the sounds and play it on the Commodore Amiga.  Add the fact that Defender of the Crown was released in 1986 and then the game takes on a very interesting aura- nothing matched its graphic prowess.  Later Defender of the Crown was ported to many computer platforms such as the Commodore 64, Atari ST, ZX Spetrum, Mac and even the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Awhile back Defender of the Crown was released on the iTunes App Store and it was abruptly removed without warning or reason.  More recently, it returned to the iTunes App Store.  The version iOS gamers can enjoy right now is the Commodore Amiga version through the power of emulation.

Set in England in the mid 1,100’s Defender of the Crown starts shortly after the king dies.  This loss of leadership leads to many different factions vying for control of the land.  Taking over the land is not going to be easy as you have a lot of other faction leaders that want the same thing you do- and they are not scared to kill to get it.Defender of the Crown Cinemaware retro strategy amiga iphone itunes (2)

The ways that you earn your place in history are as varied as your foes.  From sieging a castle with a catapult to swordplay with the guards inside, nearly all facets of medieval war are well represented, even if in a cartoony way.  For those good enough, there is even a maiden or two that needs to be saved.Defender of the Crown Cinemaware retro strategy amiga iphone itunes (3)

I am not sure how long Defender of the Crown will remain on the iTunes App Store this time so if you are a fan, grab it ASAP.

Defender of the Crown by CW Entertainment USA, LLC
Platform: iOS
Genre: Retro, action/adventure
Rated: 9+
Available now on the iTunes App Store