New Game: Dragon Quest II Now Available on Android with Slightly Updated Graphics and Gameplay and Decent Price

Square Enix are known for releasing full blown role playing games on mobile devices. Not just the usual flick or tap type affairs either. Square Enix are also known for giving their mobile releases console prices and fans have complained about it since day one. They have already released the original Dragon Quest on Android and now they have released the second game in the series. Graphically things are spruced up a bit and there is a more mobile friendly control scheme in place but most surprisingly the price is decent. You won’t break the bank buying Dragon Quest II.

The current price is $4.99, which is quite cheap, especially compared to other Square Enix titles (and a few choice releases by others). While many will scoff at the $5 price tag here since this is simply a re-release of an older title, so are some of Square Enix’s other releases that cost a lot more.Dragon Quest II Square Enix Android RPG Retro 3

The updates to Dragon Quest II are about on par for those that Square Enix did for the first one. Nothing too terribly super but still there are improvements to the graphics and sound over the original 8-Bit versions. Dragon Quest II was first seen on North American shores, in English, via Enix’s release of Dragon Warrior I and II on the Game Boy Color. The most striking improvement in these relaunches of the early Dragon Quest titles lays sqaurely in the battle scenes. The enemies enjoy a nice fresh coat of paint and improved detail over what the Famicom could muster.Dragon Quest II Square Enix Android RPG Retro 2

Dragon Warrior II by Square Enix
Platform: Android
Rated: Low Maturity
In App Purchases: None
Available now on Google Play