New Game: Dragon Quest III Now Available for Android and iOS

Dragon Quest, or Dragon Warrior for our North American readers, was a role playing game franchise that went nearly head to head against Final Fantasy back in the 8-Bit days.  Unfortunately, the transition to 16-Bit meant North American gamers would not see another Dragon Quest/Warrior game till the Playstation 2 (two generations removed from the NES days for those counting).  The Nintendo NES got four Dragon Warrior games all from Enix, who went onto release some other interesting RPG’s.  Square, the people behind Final Fantasy, eventually bought out Enix and now are reworking the classic Dragon Quest/Warrior games for mobile devices such as Android and iOS.  The third game in the series is now available, in slightly, updated graphics and with new music (the script has seen some edits too).

Originally released in the late 80’s, Dragon Quest III brought key elements of role playing games to North American gamers.  Elements such as the class system and wide open game world are accepted parts of RPG’s today but when this game originally hit, they were alien components.  There was also a day/night system which directly affected the availability of quests that your characters could take.Dragon Warrior Quest III iTunes iPhone iPad Google Play Android RPG Square Retro

The Android and iOS port brings the aforementioned slight graphical update and the fact that you can play nearly anywhere you could want (unless you are gaming on an Android console or TV stick).  The price on this adventure is probably a little steep for most gamers (especially those that are used to Kemco’s releases that go on sale regularly).  The fact of the matter is, you are getting a full blown console role playing game for about the cost of watching the latest movie in a decent theater.  The game lasts longer though.Dragon Warrior Quest III iTunes iPhone iPad Google Play Android RPG Square Retro 3

Dragon Quest III by Square Enix
Platform: Android and iOS
Genre: Role Playing Game
Rated: Low Maturity on Google Play and 9+ on iTunes
In App Purchases: No
Available now on Google Play and in the iTunes App Store