New Game- Evoland Now Available for Android and iOS

Anyone here remember a little shooter title called Genetos?  In that game you played your way through scrolling shooter history.  From the early days of blocky graphics on up to the days of bullet hell, it was all well represented.  Why am I mentioning a shooter title in a news article for a Role Playing Game (RPG)?  Because Evoland is basically the Genetos of RPG’s.  You will see, nearly, the complete history of role playing and adventure games all tied together in one cool package.  The cool thing is, not only can Windows gamers play Evoland, but now Android and iOS gamers can join the fun.

Starting out with a rather lackluster graphics set, Evoland’s graphics improve as you play, all the way up to detailed 3D graphics that would be right at home in newer RPG’s.  Graphically you will have to just endure the early days if you are not a fan of that style, there are plenty that are that will feel just the same about the later part of Evoland.

Evoland rpg action retro android itunes windowsThere is a mix of turn based and real time battles to be enjoyed in Evoland.  The turn based stuff is very reminiscent of the Final Fantasy series, down to the active timer based battles.  Real time action battles are close to what Nintendo playing fans will probably remember in The Legend of Zelda and similar titles.  Even the dialogue, text boxes, etc are styled after some of the most recognizable role playing games out there.  The nods to other RPG’s are all over the place as you will see when you play Evoland.

Evoland rpg action retro android itunes windows 2Our friends over at have done a video review on Youtube (embedded above) that shows off a ton of the gameplay of Evoland.  Definitely a review that you should check out if you are on the fence about Evoland on any of the platforms it is available for.


Evoland by Shiro Games
Platform: Android, iOS, OSX and Windows
Genre: Role Playing through history
Available now on Steam, Google Play, iTunes and Good old Games