New Game: Flappy Bird Ported to the Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Flappy Bird is one of those games that simply will not go away, no matter how hard gamers wish it would.  If there is a platform that can run it, someone will probably port this one button game to it.  We have seen ports to the Atari 2600 (at least two), Vectrex, Colecovision and even to oddball platforms like the Virtual Boy and Super Grafx.  This is a game that just won’t die.  The only thing we have not seen receive a port of Flappy Bird is those old LCD games, I am sure someone is probably working on that version right now though.  Today, I bring news about Flappy Bird hitting the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.  Yay.

Flappy Bird Nintendo Game Boy Advance GBA retro retrogaming retro game (2)Anyone that is not familiar with Flappy Bird should probably stop reading right now and move onto something else.  Seriously, Flappy Bird is a single button game that literally can be played while doing a lot of other things that are probably more fun, such as surfing television channels or eating cereal.  The point of Flappy Bird is to get your little bird, who flaps when you hit the single action button, through the oncoming pipes.  The premise is simple really, just get your bird through the space between the pipes without hitting anything.

The challenge of the GBA version is that it requires you to turn your GBA 90 degrees.  This is not a problem for owners of the original Game Gear/PSP style GBA but for those with the SP model, well, it is going to be interesting.

Honestly, had Flappy Bird come out in the 80’s on the original Game Boy (it has been ported) then it would probably have been relegated to the ranks that titles like Fish Dude enjoy.  It certainly would not have become the butt of so many jokes and received the wrath of Internet fans like it has since its release.Flappy Bird Nintendo Game Boy Advance GBA retro retrogaming retro game (1)

If you are not sick of Flappy Bird then check out this GBA version.  The pipes are shaded really well which gives them a nice sense of depth.  Other than that, the mechanics are the same as all of the other versions.