New Game: Haunted House on iOS, Original 2600 Game Now Endless Runner

The Atari 2600 is known for being prolific in what was made available for it, even games that it honestly was not capable of supporting. Developers back then were trying new things with every release, and without the Internet for immediate response they were slow to capitalize on what worked and what didn’t. Haunted House was one of the more original games, an adventure style game that was more about avoiding things than it was about shooting everything onscreen. Now, on iOS, Haunted House has been reborn in the form of an endless running game.

This is an official Atari game, not a “Bandit Gaming” release from fans or anything. Atari has remade Haunted House for the iOS platform from the ground up. Haunted House is still an avoiding game, just the setting has changed from overhead perspectives with you controlling things to a sidescrolling view set on auto scroll. You still have to help your little boy avoid obstacles and clear paths for him or it is game over.


“From enthusiasts of the original Haunted House® to today’s on-the-go mobile gamers, players of all ages and generations are in for a completely new and fun gameplay experience,” said Fred Chesnais, Chief Executive Officer, Atari, Inc. “As we look to celebrate and refresh classic titles likeHaunted House® and RollerCoaster Tycoon®, we will continue to extend fan-favorites to new PC, digital, social and mobile versions, as well as expand the Atari brand to online gambling and other gaming platforms.”

One thing that is pretty cool about Haunted House on iOS is that it has dynamic shadows- remember when those were a big thing? It was, I believe Killer Instinct on the N64 that made a big deal about them but earlier titles had dynamic shadows too. Just they weren’t as cool. What dynamic shadows are is the shadows doing exactly what the characters and objects that cast them are doing. Just a little addition that many will probably miss.

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Haunted House is available on iOS right now for free. Later this year Haunted House will be hitting multiple platforms including PC but in a different style.

Haunted House by Atari
Platform: iOS
Genre: Endless Runner
Rated: 9+
Available now on the iTunes App Store.