New Game: Icewind Dale Coming to Android, iOS, Mac and PC with +1 Enhancements

Previously we saw Baldur’s Gate, with enhancements, hit Android and now the same developers (Beamdog) are working on bringing Icewind Dale to Google’s mobile platform, among others. Wizards of the Coast have announced this version will be hitting Android, iOS, Mac and PC (presumably through Steam). This is the first time that the popular role playing game, released in 2000, will see a remake.

The original featured real time combat, up to six player characters in your party and furthered the gameplay options presented in Baldur’s Gate. The enhanced edition will feature new classes, new spells/weapons/armor and will feature cross platform online gaming. That last one should be an option in all multiplatform games that offer online gaming.

Currently, pre-orders for the PC version ($20) is available. The other versions are not available for pre-order yet though.

Source: Baldur’s Gate Forums via Android Police