New Game: Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition Now Available for Android

We covered the fact that Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition was coming to multiple platforms way back in August and now, it is available for Android.  This adds to the PC version (Windows, Mac and Linux through Steam) that actually hit in June.  One platform at a time here folks, iOS users are still waiting for their version of Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition.

Beamdog, the developers behind this remake, have also done remakes for Baldur’s Gate releasing an Enhanced Edition (Steam, Android, iOS) of that classic title also.  Beamdog are not new to this type of re-release, understanding what gamers want improved upon and what should be left alone is key with these types of updates.Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition Beamdog WotC AD&D 3

For those that do not know what is new in Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition, the list is pretty short but quite game changing, especially for old hats that played the original.  First there are over 30 new kits and classes of character to pull from in your effort to forge the best party to take on the challenges you will face.

The interface has been given an update also, it is now more “touch friendly” which means for goodness sake, play this on at least a 10” tablet, 7” if you have to but nothing smaller than that or prepare for frustration to set in rather quickly.  Also new is cross-platform multiplayer- for now that is limited to PC to Android players but will expand as more platforms receive their version of Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition.Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition Beamdog WotC AD&D

More weapons, potions, spells and items are also making their first appearance in this version of Icewind Dale.  Bug fixes have been accomplished in this update, this is not just a simple port of the PC original with a slightly prettier coat of paint, Beamdog have fixed many problems to create a more stable and fun game.

The biggest thing that interests me in this update is the inclusion of “cutting room floor” content- in the old days we called this type of reinsertion of content a “Director’s Cut” version.  Some of this content was unfinished by the original developers and Beamdog has completed that work and put the quests back into the game as it was meant to be.

We will update you as we know more about the Apple releases of Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition.  Right now only PC and Android gamers can venture the snowy world of Icewind Dale.  Enjoy.

Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition by Beamdog
Platform: Android and PC
Genre: Role Playing Game/AD&D Forgotten Realms
Rated: Medium Maturity on Google Play
In App Purchases: Yes on Android
Available now on Google Play and Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux