New Game: Jack B Nimble is a Game Boy Looking Endless Runner for iOS

Who would have thought that the original, salad green, Game Boy would be inspiring game developers 25 years later? We can add Jack B. Nimble for iOS to the list- it also hit Windows, Mac and Linux platforms awhile back. Much like other endless running games, Jack scrolls on without your input leaving you to react to the obstacles that appear.

In Jack B. Nimble you are tasked with whipping candles to put them out (otherwise your bum will get singed). The graphics are obviously inspired by the original Game Boy though, par for the course, some liberties were taken. Better resolution and more action than the classic Nintendo portable could muster are just a couple of improvements you can expect.Jack B Nimble iOS Endless Runner 2

Barry “Epoch” Topping created the chip tune sound track that you will hear while playing Jack B. Nimble. I do have to wonder, if they are going for a close representation of the audio, why not limit the graphics to the capabilities of the original Game Boy too?

Jack B. Nimble features Game Center support for high scores and achievements. There are also additional color palettes available to unlock as you get better and run farther or meet other requirements.

Jack B. Nimble by Sean Noonan
Platform: iOS
Rated: 9+
In App Purchases: No
Available now in the iTunes App Store

Source: Indie Retro News