New Game: Lynx Ops for the Atari Lynx

No one is going to say that the Atari Lynx was an overwhelming success but it was a good system that is loved by many fans. The Lynx was just poorly managed and came in at too high a price point for many gamers to swallow (price hurt a lot of the competition for the Nintendo Game Boy). Atari did their best to bring over games, including a good 2D side scrolling action based Batman game. The cool thing about the Atari Lynx is that the homebrew/indie development scene has taken on the challenge of correcting the lack of games for the ill-fated Atari hand held.

Lynx Ops is one of those indie games that is expanding the game library of the Lynx. Taking a military based war setting is fitting as games (much like wrestling) try to emulate life as much as possible. Here, gamers can expect game play that is similar to Cabal and Nam 75 and Operation Wolf. This is old school on rails shooter action.

Atari Lynx Ops Hand held cabal operation wolf

This is a beta of Lynx Ops which is still in development. The download is available from our friends at