New Game: Metal Slug Revolution Brings the SNK Classic Series into the Action RPG Realm

SNK Playmore are not scared to update their classics into new genres.  We have seen Metal Slug Defense (review here) where the classic shooter series was transformed into a tower defense game.  The King of Fighters has been transformed into a rhythm game and now, we have another Metal Slug game.  Metal Slug Revolution brings the classic series into the realm of action role playing games similar to say, Popful Mail on the Sega CD.  The only problem is, Metal Slug Revolution is currently only headed to Korean iOS devices.

The basic premise of Metal Slug Revolution is just like the action games that it is based on.  You travel to the right traversing the levels obstacles and blowing up the enemies.  The big difference now is, every bit of damage has a numerical value attached to it so you can judge your destructiveness.  The Metal Slug tank is now a “pet” that follows along and blows up the enemy on its own, no drive required.

SNK Playmore has snuck in about 250 different Slugs and 150 stages for you to plow through.  Beating Metal Slug Revolution in one sitting is probably not going to happen, at least not if you are a completionist.  There is just so much content here for fans.

Metal Slug Revolution is not as far a departure from the series roots as Defense was.  In Revolution you are still, apparently, in direct control of the character- unlike in Defense.  The graphics are still squarely in the style of Metal Slug so it has that going for it too.  Defense was like this too, just the graphics were smaller to accommodate the scale of the game mechanics.

I will keep up to date on Metal Slug Revolution and write updates as significant news is made available.

Source: SNK Playmore Facebook