New Game: Mickey Mouse and the Castle of Illusion HD Hits Android

All too often, when a company re-releases a classic title, they stick to the “inside the safe zone” method of doing it. This usually means simply updating the graphics and sound, if at all, and maybe adding some between level cinemas and calling it a day. Disney and company have gone above and beyond that with Castle of Illusion for Android (previously an iOS exclusive for the mobile world). This is how HD remakes should be, it is heavy on both ideals there whereas most “remakes” are simply “re-releases”.

This is a retelling of the original Castle of Illusion that Sega created on their Genesis console. Some levels feature 3D and 2.5D gameplay switching it up to keep things interesting. Just be prepared this game is not “cheap” by mobile standards (who remembers paying $50+ for games?).

Castle of Illusion by Disney
Platform: Android (also on PSN, Xbox Live, PC and iOS)
Genre: Action Adventure
Rated: Everyone
Available now on Google Play, iOS, Playstation Network, Steam and Xbox Live