New Game: Nibbler Version 1.2 Released for iOS, Playstation Portable and PS Vita

Nibbler is, at its base, a Snake style game. For those not familiar with Snake games, the idea is pretty simple yet challenging and can be addictive. As you move your snake around the level, he will eat fruits and such, with each piece eaten, your snake will grow (usually one new link/section). The challenge comes to play as you get a longer, and longer, snake on the screen and have to avoid obstacles such as walls and even your own body in an effort to consume more fruits.

nibbler psp ios itunes playstation vita 2Nibbler 1.2 brings new levels, four of them to be exact, new level challenges and stability fixes for the game.

Nibbler by Insoft
Platform: iOS, PSP and PS Vita
Genre: Arcade Action
Available at

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