New Game: Philia the Sequel to Elansar Released on Atari Jaguar CD, Computer Android and iOS

New games for old platforms, particularly those that didn’t sell well such as the Atari Jaguar CD-ROM, are interesting for several reasons. Unlike many other publishers of retro games, the team behind Philia, and the previous title in this series Elansar, understand that they need to reach more gamers to garner more sales. Philia, just like Elansar, is available for iOS, Android, computers and Atari Jaguar.

If you have played Myst then you know what to expect from Philia: The Sequel to Elansar. That also means, that if you hated Myst, you will probably hate this title also. You are tasked with exploring the rendered game world and have to figure out what the hell is going on.

Philia – the Sequel to Elansar from Orion_ on Vimeo.

Philia by Onori Soft
Atari Falcon 030 Computer (on Universal disk)
Atai Jaguar CD
Linux (on Universal disk)
Macintosh (on Universal disk)
Windows (on Universal disk)
Genre: Puzzle, Point and Click
Available now on Atari Jaguar CD, Universal Computer Disk, Android and iOS

Source: Retro Game Network