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New Game: Pitfall Krave Brings Deadly Cereal Chasing Fun to Android (Limited Release)

pitfall krave

Advertising and gaming have been working together since the early days- remember Chase the Chuckwagon on the Atari 2600? Yo Noid! on the Nintendo Entertainment system or Cool Spot on Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis are a couple more examples. This is nothing new. Now, Activision are getting into the cross promotion fun with Pitfall Krave which pits the player in the situation of running away from killer cereal. Why?

This is nothing new, from what I can tell of the video, from the original Pitfall endless runner on Android other than some slight cosmetic changes. Rather than collecting gold, you are now collecting chocolate pieces. Rather than running from the locals you are now running from cereal that wants to apparently eat you (talk about switching roles). The video claims that there are multiple new areas to play in, all with that cool cell shaded look, but at the end of the day, it is still the endless running version of Pitfall.

Pitfall Krave by Activision
Platform: Android
Genre: Endless Running/Cross Advertising
Rated: E for Everyone
Available now on Google Play

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