New Game: Rogue's Tale for Android

Rogue is one of the oldest, most retro, games in existence that is still being called upon for new games. Rogue’s Tale takes the essence of Rogue and continues the tradition known as “Roguelikes” on Android. If you are not familiar with Rogue or Roguelikes in general, continue reading. For everyone else, the store link is at the bottom of this article.

Rogue gained popularity for being different every time you play. This is accomplished through procedurally created dungeons, enemy placement and items randomly strewn around the map. Back in the day, the Internet was not as prolific as it is today, developers used to share games over Bulletin Board Services/Systems (BBS) or through direct mail advertising. You didn’t simply release an expansion and get a few thousand downloads. Some, like the developers of Rogue, got around this by offering completely randomized experiences so gamers could play and play to their hearts content and nearly get a new game each time.

Rogue’s Tale is like that. Random dungeons, the trademark difficulty and permanent death. That means, when you die, your character is dead. If you don’t heal before the hit points hit zero, forget it, there is no resurrection stones/feathers available here. That is the challenge people usually like in these types of games.

Rogue’s Tale by GLHF Games
Platform: Android
Genre: Dungeon crawl/Roguelike
Rated: Low Maturity
In App Purchases: No
Available now in Google Play