New Game: Secret of Mana Coming to Android

Square Enix are definitely one of the companies that has been around for a while and are still keeping their classic titles, slightly, updated for modern gamers. Their pricing on the other hand has raised more than a few eye brows of gamers across the world (come on, the prices aren’t that bad for full no IAP games). Secret of Mana is about to make the jump to Android later this year.

For those that do not know about Secret of Mana, originally it was a Super Nintendo action role playing game that featured real time battles similar to the Zelda series. Interestingly, Secret of Mana was the second title in the Mana series. The original Mana game never got released outside of Japan (we might see that some day on Android/iOS).

Secret of Mana is already available on the iOS platform. This is one of the few titles outside of the Final Fantasy universe that Square Enix will have available on the Play store.

Secret of Mana by Square Enix
Platform: Android
Genre: Action RPG
Rated: 9+ on iTunes, no rating for Google Play available
Available now on iTunes and Fall 2014 on Android

Source: Pocketgamer via Droidgamers