New Game: Sky Battles Looks to Combine Shadow of the Colossus with Crimson Skies and Twisted Metal on Steam and Mobile

I remember the first time I fired up Shadow of the Colossus, I was torn between purchasing SoC or God of War, it was an amazing experience running across that first boss.  I remember wishing I could fly in Shadow of the Colossus but I was never able to do that, such a shame.  Well, Sky Battles looks to be that calling if you have ever wished the same while fighting a colossus.  Sky Battles mixes Crimson Skies/Warhawk style flying physics with some bosses that can only be referenced correctly with something from Shadow of the Colossus.

Sky Battles will have levels that are open similar to Shadow of the Colossus, some levels in Warhawk and Crimson Skies.  Flying around these levels will reveal tunnels, caves and other interesting places to avoid the enemy.  The boss featured in the video below is reminiscent of Shadow but answers the question of “How cool would it be if I could fly and fight these Colossus creatures?”Sky Battles Shadow of the Colossus Twisted Metal 2

From a titan that jumps all over the place to a boss that will make Darius fans smile, Sky Battles seems to be offering a lot to a lot of gamers.Sky Battles Shadow of the Colossus Twisted Metal

There are 10 missions in Sky Battles for you to battle through featuring other planes, blimps, levels that are nearly as treacherous as the enemy and of course some interesting bosses.  There is also online multiplayer combat available if you tire of the artificial enemies, the cool part about this is that the multiplayer is cross platform with Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android.

Sky Battles by Magnetic Studio
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android
Genre: Airplane Battles
Available: Q1 2015
Currently Sky Battles is looking for support on Steam Greenlight