New Game: Spy vs. Spy Sneaks Onto Android

The classic Spy vs. Spy from the pages of MAD Magazine is no stranger to gaming. In the distant past there were versions for the NES, Commodore computers, Atari and Apple II to name a few. This game got around on many retro platforms. Now, thanks to Chillingo, Spy vs. Spy is back, this time on Android (previously having infiltrated the iOS platform).

The classic game is available for purists along with an updated version for modern gamers to feel good about playing. Exploring the different rooms of the embassy looking for the five key items (cash, passport, key, secret plans and a breifcase to carry everything in) is the basis of the game. The interesting part of Spy vs. Spy is when you begin setting traps for the other spy (sure you can just beat them till unconscious but that is no fun). Think of this as a cartoony version of the Tecmo’s Deception games on Playstation and you will have a good idea of the proceedings you will be involved in, though in real time rather than turn based.

For fans of strategy based versus games there are very few games better than Spy vs. Spy.

Spy vs. Spy by Chillingo
Platform: Android (also on iTunes)
Genre: Versus Action
Rated: Low Maturity
In App Purchases: Yes (This is Chillingo/EA of course)
Available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store