New Game: Super Scrapped Robot is a New Twin Stick Shooter Resembling the Original Game Boy

The original Game Boy is quite a limiting platform, that is a fact, but a lot of developers got quite a bit of gameplay out of those limitations. While Super Scrapped Robot: Finding the Next Hat is not exactly a spot on, run on original hardware, Game Boy style shooter, it still really pulls at the nostalgia strings for anyone retro gamer worth their cartridge cleaner solution. A cool fact about Super Scrapped Robot is that it is a dual stick style shooter- don’t see many Game Boy style games in this category.

There is a lot of gameplay available here, eleven quests/levels that hold five hidden hats somewhere (hint, find the biggest baddest bad guy and the hat is probably JUST past them). Challenge modes include “Hardcore” where you are set in a guantlet run of five levels or lose everything and an “Action” mode where everything goes Roguelike and the levels are randomly created.

The browser, Linux, Macintosh and Windows versions feature controller support. This is great for people that have huge monitors or their computers hooked up to their televisions. Other platforms that Super Scrapped Robot is available for include iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad.

The free version is the browser version. Now, the developers have done something really cool with what they are calling the “Special Features” mode. First, this is a “pay what you want” ($1 minimum) purchase model and will net you some interesting additional items. The pay what you want version is the Macintosh, Linux and Windows versions of Super Scrapped Robot (you get them all with your one purchase).

Head over to Indie Retro News to learn about the “Special Features” mode. It is worth the click.

Super Scrapped Robot by Philip Wagner and Malte Buttjer
Platform: Browswer, iPhone, iPad, Linux, Macintosh and Windows
Genre: Retro styled dual stick shooter
Available now on the developer website

Source: Indie Retro News