New Game: Superfrog, Classic Action Platform Title, Updated on Android

Team17 have updated their classic action platform title, Superfrog, for Android devices. Originally released in 1993 for computers of the time, Superfrog drew a lot of comparison to popular console titles of the time such as Sonic the Hedgehog and the Super Mario Brothers series of games. Now, with updated graphics and sounds, Superfrog is back and mobile.

Skills going downhill after years of not having to use them have been taken into account by Team17. Everything is “slightly” easier than the original to help modern gamers enjoy the game more. This is not a slap in the face of modern gamers, it is just an acknowledgement that things used to be A LOT tougher back in the day.

For those wanting the original game, there is an Easter Egg that is worth finding in this remake.

Superfrog by Team17
Platform: Android
Genre: Action Platform
Rated: Everyone
In App Purchases: None
Available now on Google Play