New Kickstarter Brings Santa’s Magical Christmas Sleigh to Life

New Nintendo Entertainment System games don’t pop up all that often. Santa’s Magical Christmas Sleigh is just such a new title. What is cool here is, it is a 2D side scrolling action game – a genre that is not all that often explored anymore. Add to the mix a very jolly holiday theme and you have an interesting idea for a NES game. Did I mention Santa’s Magical Christmas Sleigh is possibly coming to the Xbox platform, Nintendo Switch, and PC world? That is if enough fans support it via Kickstarter.

Santa’s Magical Christmas Sleigh is billed as a classic puzzle platformer for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Judging by the screen shots and gameplay video on their Kickstarter page, it certainly seems that that description is close.

What would a NES game be without a delightful story? Santa’s Magical Christmas Sleigh involves Glinch who attempted to stop Christmas from coming by stealing Santa’s magical sleigh. Santa is on a quest to get his sleigh back in time to make Christmas magic for all the kids of the world. Your job is to help Santa complete that goal.

  • Teleport game mechanic
  • Puzzles
  • Multiple stage exits
  • Alternative routes
  • SWITCH:-)ing between Santa and Elf.
  • Hidden sub levels
  • Password system
  • Every world has its own music

There is a total of 15 levels planned for Santa’s Magical Christmas Sleigh spread across five worlds. Fans are going to have quite a bit of action to get through before they see the end credits here.

The base Kickstarter goal will bring Santa’s Magical Christmas Sleigh to the Nintendo Entertainment System. Stretch goals will bring it to PC’s, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

If you are the type that wants to see something tangible before dropping cash for something like this, you are in luck. There is a demo available for Santa’s Magical Christmas Sleigh on the Kickstarter page.