New Mobile Games Just Released, January 24th 2018

Scooby Doo

Mobile gaming is only picking up as we move forward. While early on, mobile games were kind of crappy, they certainly have come a long way in the last half a decade. While we still see our fair share of match 3 and autorunners still, there are other genres being represented just as much now. Here are several new mobile games worth space on your phone or tablet.

First up, let’s discuss a classic license that is finally seeing some gaming related options. Scooby-Doo Mystery Cases is a hidden object style game based on the classic cartoon. I know, you are probably sick of hidden object games but give this one a chance – at least Warner Bros didn’t attempt an autorunner with the license (because Shaggy and Scooby do a lot of running in the show).

Grab Scooby-Doo Mystery Cases on Android or iPhone. Want to catch up on Scooby-Doo cartoons? Check out eBay for a deal.

Breaking Gates: 2D Action RPG is an interesting take on the action role playing game genre. While others such as Zelda have done it, one of the most popular to have done it in 2D was Popful Mail (Sega CD in North America). Breaking Gates is currently an unreleased game and according to the Google Play page still under development so if you want to jump in early and help a developer – here is your chance.

Robot Wants Kitty is another 2D side scrolling action game. This one pits the player as a robot that must collect the cat in each level. What sets Robot Wants Kitty apart is that you can create your own levels and share them. Great if you have a GPD XD or something with physical controls.

Grab Robot Wants Kitty on Google Play or iPhone.

Catsby is a “demake” style game that is meant to resemble the Nintendo Game Boy. Pixelated is another term used for these games. Catsby is also another 2D side scrolling action game better suited for a device with physical controls. Maybe something from Yinlips? This game has a bit of a Kirby look and feel to it. That is a good thing.

Grab Catsby on Google Play or iPhone.

Who doesn’t remember RC Pro Am on the Nintendo Entertainment System and not have fond memories? Well, get ready for Blocky Racing, a new isometric kart racing game that screams RC Pro Am to me. There are over 50 unique tracks to tear up, some with shortcuts, weapons and power ups to take out other racers. This is high on my list to install and play.

Grab Blocky Racing on Google Play and iPhone.


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