New Puzzle Fighter Coming to Android, New Art and New Content

Puzzle Fighter Android Capcom

Capcom has a love hate relationship with Android. While some Capcom stuff comes out on Android, not a lot of the good stuff makes it. No Street Fighter games. No Mega Man. No Strider. No Monster Hunter. For the most part, Capcom’s current offerings on Android consist of Ghosts ‘N Goblins and Ghouls ‘N Ghosts along with a version of 1942. That is it. Well, soon we can add Puzzle Fighter to that extremely light catalog. This version of Puzzle Fighter is not the same as what we saw around the 32-Bit era though. There are, well, changes.

First up, the original Super Puzzle Fighter II featured pixel art and quite a bit of charm. I mean, come on, just check out the video below for proof of that.

Some of that charm is at least trying to be preserved in the upcoming Android game. While the original game featured artwork that was like that used in Street Fighter II, this new game is “off” a bit.

I can forgive the difference in art work – artists must work and if they are simply copying the work of someone else, what is the point of paying the new artist? I just wish they would have attempted to emulate the original pixel art a little better rather than going for the Clash of Clans style artwork.

The unforgivable part as I can tell from the trailer is the fact that there are going to be many, costly, methods of getting stuff in the game. There are coins being used in the trailer but so are gems. Then there are “cards” that represent each character and these are labeled with “LVL 1” so that means upgrades are inbound. Then you have a “loot crate” system in place as well. Finally, you can get new costumes for your characters. This all spells “cash grab” to me and that is unfortunate as I was hoping this would be a simple “pay once and be done” style release like the three other Capcom Android games available.

It is not all doom and gloom though. Puzzle Fighter will apparently offer characters from across the Capcom gaming world – not just Street Fighter II. That means you can have Mega Man whipping on Chun Li or Morgan beating the crap out of Haggar from Final Fight and other wacky combat match-ups. This could be fun, even if for a short while till you hit the inevitably paywall.


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